1. About NFTY Guard Discord

NFTY Guard Discord bot is NFTY Lab's Discord bot that automates Discord user authentication by requiring NFTs for access to Discord groups. Creators can use their NFTs to gate access to their already created or newly created Discord channels through NFTY Connect's token gating process through NFTYConnect.com. The bot keeps users in that are holders of the project's NFTs and keeps users out that aren't holders of the project's NFTs.

2. How to Use NFTY Guard Discord

The NFTY Guard Discord Bot can be set-up on nftyconnect.com in a simple, and quick process.

Below are the listed steps on how to use the NFTY Guard Discord bot:

  1. Go to nftyconnect.com, and create your account by connecting your crypto wallet (i.e. MetaMask, WalletConnect, etc.).
  2. Go to 'Create,' and choose the 'Discord Bot' option under the 'Select Token Gate Type.'
  3. Fill out the 'Create Token Gate' form provided including all of the information regarding your Discord channel and required NFT(s) involving contract address and token IDs.
  4. Ensure that all of the listed information is correct and click 'Create.'
  5. Voila! Your Discord is now safe and secure by the NFTY Guard Discord bot. All of the correct NFT holders will be included into the correct channels/roles and those that aren't supposed to be in will be kept out.